Celebrating Excellence in Care
Citywest Hotel, Dublin
Thursday 6th November 2014, 7.00pm

Please note that finalists are listed in no particular order and have been sorted alphabetically by surname.

The NHI Director of Nursing/Person in Charge Award
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Maggie Henderson
Mowlam Nursing Home

Maggie was appointed as DON by Mowlam Healthcare in 2009. Maggie has had a distinguished career in nursing spanning fifty years. She has held several key positions in education during her career in ten different countries. Since 2006 she has been involved with care of the older person in long stay care facilities. Currently she is in her second year of a Masters in dementia care at UL Limerick. Maggie feels very honoured to be employed by Mowlam Healthcare who has embraced the changing times in care of the older person. She is supported by a team of committed colleagues in Sligo.

Ann Marie Mitchell
Ashford House Nursing Home

Ann Marie began her nursing career in Glasgow in 1976 and moved to London in 1980 where she worked as a public health nurse for 15 years gaining a wide range of experience and knowledge in all aspects of nursing care.  From 1995 to 2007 Ann Marie worked as a staff nurse in both Ashford House Nursing Home and St Vincent’s in Athy where she expanded her knowledge in the care of residents with dementia whilst working in a Dementia Care Specific Unit.  During this period Ann Marie attended Trinity College Dublin where she gained her Post Graduate Diploma in Gerontology in 2004.  In 2008 Ann Marie was appointed Director of Nursing in Ashford House and since then has provided excellent leadership and guidance in the delivery of person-centred care.  Ann Marie’s professionalism, wonderful sense of humour, personality, empathy and compassion make Ashford House a home from home for all our residents.

Maura O'Sullivan
St Gobnait's Nursing Home
Maura started out her nursing career in St.Vincents Centre, Lisnagry in 1987.Following her training she moved to Dungarvan, Co.Waterford working as a Staff Nurse for the Sisters Of The Bon Sauveur. Maura moved closer to home in 1997 and was employed as a Staff Nurse with St.Josephs Foundation in Charleville. Maura then went on to work as a C.N.S for adults with a physical and intellectual disability in the community. Maura left St.Josephs in 2010 to join the family business, St.Gobnaits Nursing Home, where she took over the role of Manager from her mother.
The Nursing Home Registered Nurse of the Year Award
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Siby Joseph
Ashford House Nursing Home
Siby qualified with a BSc in Nursing in 2004 and went on to complete his Diploma in Management in 2007. Having worked in both acute and psychiatric hospitals he joined Ashford House as a staff nurse in 2008 and was subsequently promoted to CNM in 2009. Siby has an open, calm personality and maintains excellent relationships with residents, family members and staff. He is a great team leader who proactively manages the environment in Ashford House to provide holistic person-centred care for our residents. Siby is very innovative and continually introduces new ideas to enhance quality of care.
Philomena Walsh
Innis Ree Lodge
Philomena Walsh qualified as a Psychiatric Nurse in 1969, she did a Diploma in Counselling skills, worked for 10 years in St. Patricks hospital Castlerea Co. Roscommon. Worked for Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care for 3 years. Presently working in Innis Ree Lodge Nursing home where I have worked for the past 9 years. Married to T.J we have two children. My hobbies and interests are playing Bridge, set-dancing, arts and crafts and I love to travel.
Guiping Zeng
Maryfield Nursing Home
Guiping Zeng is a risk specialist nurse at Maryfield Nursing Home. She received her Master Degree in Nursing from Trinity College; her research topic was ‘Exploration of Care Staff’s experiences and opinions towards a restrain-free care for the elderly’. Her training began in Chongqing People’s Hospital in China, and after her 12 year career as a staff nurse Guiping Zeng decided, that it was time for a change of scenery (and weather), and moved to Ireland in 2007. Shortly after she joined the nursing team at Maryfield and continued with her own personal development obtaining a Diploma in Supervisory Management and a Cert in Counseling from NUI and also attended numerous training courses in relation to elderly care. In addition to her personal advancement Guiping transformed the home into a restrain-free environment with a reduction in falls by 39% cumulating in no serious falls in 2013.
The Nursing Home Carer of the Year
- Sponsored by Pharmacy Prime
Kieran Carbery
Rockshire Care Centre
Born and raised in Tramore Co. Waterford, Kieran has worked across the UK and Ireland. During this time he often came across older people who were socially isolated and he also had family experience of their needs. After years of working in industry he became redundant and was able to realise his ambition of working and caring for older people. He found quickly that this was his vocation and hasn’t looked back since. He completed his FETAC training and started work at Rockshire Care Centre 4 years ago. Kieran uses life experience to make a positive difference to residents and is developing a keen interest and knowledge caring for people with dementia
Elzbieta Duda
Rush Nursing Home (Mowlam)
Elzbieta joined the Rush Nursing Home team in February 2007, previously working for 5 years as a home carer in Chicago, Illinois. Considering the psychological, social and daily needs of residents, she has designed and implemented a detailed new fine dining experience in Rush Nursing Home, creating a restaurant-like atmosphere for residents during meal-times. As many residents may regard the nursing home as a last address, Elzbieta passionately hopes that this new dining design will foster independence and stimulate involvement in social activities. The detailed organization of this dining plan ensures that each person can have their needs monitored and supported by care staff, who now have more time to spend with residents during meal-times.
Richard Villanueva
Ashford House Nursing Home
Richard joined Ashford House as a Health Care Attendant in February 2008. Richard’s passion for person-centred care was evident and he was promoted to Senior Health Care Attendant in 2010. Richard leads a team of HCAs daily and provides support, advice and supervision to both staff and students who are on work placement in Ashford House. Richard gained a FETAC Level 6 qualification in Management Development in August 2012 and this has enhanced his management skills enabling him to direct, encourage and educate junior staff. Richard has a warm friendly personality which immediately relaxes and re-assures residents and family members, particularly new residents. He makes himself available at all times for any queries residents/family members may have, and his calming personality allows new residents to have a smooth and calm transition from the community to their new home in Ashford House.
The Nursing Home Social & Recreational Award
- Sponsored by Miele
Elaine Kearney
Castleross Nursing & Convalescent Centre
Elaine is the Arts & Craft’s Person in Castleross and through her unique approach she has created an all inclusive environment were laughter and “craic” are the order of the day. Elaine adapts her activities to ensure that as many people as possible can be involved, she works with peoples abilities and together they have created themed displays both internally and externally. Even those who cannot take part physically are involved in the decision making around new projects through consultation with Elaine on a one to one basis and as project managers. Elaine provides meaningful activity and occupation for the people who live in Castleross and is truly loved by all.
Ann Moore
Ashford House Nursing Home
Ann joined Ashford House in 1984 and worked for many years as a Healthcare Attendant before being appointed as a full-time Activity Co-ordinator in 2010 due to her passion regarding the importance of social activities and events for residents. The skills and experience gained whilst working as a HCA have greatly enhanced her current role. Ann is constantly upskilling her knowledge and in 2012 completed her “Developing a Social Care Value Based Activity Programme for Older People” Course in Dublin Institute of Technology. In October 2013 Ann undertook further training which qualified her as a Licenced SONAS Practitioner. Ann is a friend and confidant to all our residents, has a great rapport with them and knows every resident’s family members and friends. She is very empathetic and shares all their joys and achievements.
Mary O'Carroll
Drakelands House Nursing Home
My role as Active Lifestyle Facilitator at Drakelands House is one that promotes the ethos that one comes to Drakelands House to live. Residents are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of the home within their range of capabilities. Having completed a number of activity courses including SONAS and ACT have given me the tools to keep promote active sessions with the residents. Singing is at the heart of our activities as it captures the heart and soul of all. Being a Eucharistic minister allows me to facilitate the spiritual life of residents thereby providing a holistic approach to their care. Each resident is an individual and I see it as my role to ensure they have a purpose to their day that keeps them young at heart
The Nursing Home Catering and Nutrition Award
- Sponsored by Fresenius Kabi
Kevin Cahill
Glenaulin Nursing Home
Kevin Cahill hails from Dublin and has been a chef for over 30 years .Kevin has worked all over Europe and in Central America. He trained at WIT and GMIT and has worked in top class hotels and restaurants to include Gleneagles, Killarney, Bon Appetit, and at Coq Hardi under John Howard. Working for a time as Head Chef in Pinewood Studios, he cooked for the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Richard Gere and Clint Eastwood. Through his food, Kevin shows how much he cares for the residents at Glenaulin. He now studies special dietary meals and modified diets to bring his talents to cooking for a more mature palette. He specialise in fish dishes and his gift to Glenaulin is that good food is a celebration of life and is there to be enjoyed by all. Interests include cycling,GAA and motorcycles.
Martina Dunne
Droimnin Nursing Home
Martina joined the catering team in April 2011. During this time she has implemented many changes that involved residents, their needs and preferences. By doing this she redesigned a more patient friendly dining room. This was done in participation with the residents and their opinions. Martina also introduced colour coded delph to identify the different dietary requirements of the residents. This was to allow all staff to differentiate the alternative diets available. Martina improved communication for all other staff by implementing a dietary requirement hand-out. This allowed all staff to be informed and updated on dietary requirements and changes. In conjunction with the dietician the candidate and the person in charge would update this as changes occurred. .
Terry Tiernan
Ashford House Nursing Home
Terry has been employed as Head Chef in Ashford House Nursing Home since April 2007 having previously run Middays Restaurant in the Peacock Theatre for over 20 years. He has brought to the nursing home a wide range of experience and continually introduces new ideas to enhance the dining experience for our residents, for example picture menus, coloured plates which were found to be more visual and encouraged residents with a cognitive impairment to eat more. Terry is very passionate and knowledgeable about the service he provides our residents in Ashford House, meeting with residents daily and catering for any special dietary requirements or requests. He is very sociable and good company to be with and our residents really enjoy spending time chatting with him. He takes a great interest in everyone and welcomes each resident as a special guest in our dining room.
The Nursing Home Ancillary Worker Award
- Sponsored by iD Expert
Sr Margaret Deegan
TLC Citywest
I grew up in Mountrath and was educated locally. During the years I have been involved in different areas of nursing. I worked in London, and in Scotland with Care of the dying. Back in Ireland I became involved in Oncology and worked in St. Vincent’s. This experience highlighted the importance of teamwork and a need for spiritual care of terminally ill patients. I trained as a hospital Chaplin which is proving invaluable for me as I now focus on those who are making their final end. In recent years I have been concentrating on accompanying people towards the End of Life in TLC. Hence all the above experience has proved invaluable to me.

My Motto “Do Not Judge, see good in everyone “
Severino Cachapero
Ferndene Nursing Home
Juni is a humble gentleman with a heart of gold who works on our housekeeping team. He was fascinated that individuals with a dementia can have much difficulty communicating verbally but when he shared his musical talents with them, residents procedural memory was activated and each individual would recite a song from start to finish. Juni always had this ability to connect beautifully with vulnerable individuals but he needed to believe in himself. Now he facilitates daily Music Therapy sessions,plays at our thrice weekly Live Music gigs and strives to help individuals with cognitive differences communicate through retained abilities of musicality on a daily basis.
Ollie Stapleton
Maypark House Nursing Home
Ollie Stapleton has worked in Maypark House for the last 14 years and is in charge of maintaining the Nursing Home. Ollie’s caring side shows not only in his every day working life but he is also is very active in his local community. He volunteers with Waterford Marine Search & Rescue and regularly participates in cleaning the Tramore Beach. Ollie’s inventive side means he can turn his hand to more than just the everyday tasks by creating unique & useful items which both benefits & enhances the lives of the Residents of Maypark House. Health and Safety is an integral part of Ollie’s work and he successfully completed his FETAC Level 6 Health and Safety Management course this year.
The Community Initiative Award
- Sponsored by Bank of Ireland
Activities Team
Ashford House
Ashford House is very involved with the local community and our Activities Team, led by Ann Moore (Activities Co-ordinator) and assisted by Angela Forsyth (Activities Assistant), continuously promotes and organises regular events involving local community groups and schools. We have forged particularly strong links with the local “Over 50s Club”, and their members are regular visitors to Ashford House and provide music and entertainment for our residents at Christmas and for other special occasions during the year. Our Activities Team organised a wonderful programme of events for Nursing Homes Week in June 2014 which included our Bloomsday celebrations, Name that Tune Competition, Afternoon Tea Dance and many many other fun events, all of which were open to family, friends and the local community. Ann, Angela and all staff in Ashford House recognise the importance for our residents of remaining connected with family, friends and the local community. As well as all the normal range of activities and events, our team endeavours to ensure that residents have the opportunity to engage with and participate in a wide range of events and occasions with family, friends and the wider community. .
Shane Hennessy
TLC Centre Santry
Falls Prevention Awareness Day
Shane is a Chartered Physiotherapist working in TLC Centre in Santry. He graduated in 2009 with an honours degree in BSc Physiotherapy. His main role is to maintain and improve each of the resident’s independence and functional ability. He is also the onsite manual handling and people handling instructor. Shane is the team lead in our falls prevention team and believes that falls are not an inevitable part of the ageing process and many falls can be prevented. In June, Shane organised an event which saw many older people and carers from the local community come to TLC to learn about falls and how to prevent them, speak with health professionals including a nurse, pharmacist and physiotherapist. Each person was also given a take home pack with their very own TLC falls prevention information booklet.
The Nursing Home Innovations in Dementia Care Award
- Sponsored by BDO
Dun Beag Unit Staff
Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing Home
As the Facility Manager on completion of Gerontology studies and having the personal experience of providing, exceptional individualised care to a loved one living with dementia in a home setting, I was inspired to introduce a social model of care. Dun Beag is home to 24 residents and underwent a transformation of care. Following extensive research, internal feedback and collaboration with Linda DON, Suzanne Nurse Manager and the dedication of the 27 staff members we began this journey. Embarking on this exciting journey has not only improved the lives of the residents, it has allowed us as staff to believe in the POSSIBILITY.... the possibility of change. Dun Beag staff are committed to respecting the uniqueness of each individual and has afforded each individual the opportunity to live their live, in an environment that is nurturing and responsive to their needs.
Ferndene Team
Ferndene Nursing Home
As words become lost in dementia individuals can often become isolated. By focusing on retained abilities of musicality, rhythmic movements and appreciation of the arts our talented team have set up a band,The Ferndenos, facilitate daily Music Therapy sessions and developed our Residents Choir, ‘My Memories through Music’. By drawing on the talents of our team and employing a renowned Choral Director, the residents are on their way to publishing a CD to raise money for The Alzheimer's Society and to raise awareness amongst society that musicality and the creative arts are a massively underutilised asset in strengthening communication. This wonderful journey would not have been successful for residents if it had not been for each of the team, a team who are the orchestra in helping individuals with a dementia feel alive again.
Jackie Kay
Knightsbridge Nursing Home
Jackie Kay has worked at Knightsbridge since early 2009 in our dementia unit, and is now our Memory Lane Co-ordinator and Dementia Trainer. Jackie brought our Memory Lane forward by introducing sensory gardens, a public house, a nursery and an old school room. Jackie ensures that all residents are seen as individuals, using a person-centred approach to ensure everyone has a good quality of life. Dementia care for Jackie is about living through feelings, recognising all emotions and facilitating their expression. It’s important to allow people to communicate through feelings and this is the everyday ethos Jackie promotes.
WINNER - Nursing Home Resident Achievement Award 2014
- Sponsored by CPL Healthcare
Chris Norris
Knightsbridge Nursing Home
Chris Norris was told he would never walk again after an accident in his home left him with a severe brain injury but he and his family refused to accept that there was no hope of recovery. He came to live at Knightsbridge Nursing Home and through the hard work, determination and total dedication of Chris and his family, an amazing recovery began. Today Chris walks independently, fully participates in life at Knightsbridge, swims, attends Headway and spends weekends at his family home. Chris’ s life is different now, but so much better than anyone could ever have imagined. Most importantly, Chris is happy.
Event MC
Gráinne Seoige

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